We are an early-stage fund investing in the next cohort of ambitious builders and founders

Our team

We met at Stanford and went on to build companies that transformed industries. We are founders, operators, and industry experts. We have led business units, engineering teams, and Army platoons. We have taken products from MVP to market launch (and successful acquisition) and companies from seed to IPO. We have worked across industries and fostered impactful relationships along the way.

We are passionate about applying our unique and diverse experience to back the next cohort of builders and founders.

Our fund

We are an early-stage fund, typically participating in pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds. We are industry agnostic but look for opportunities where our team can add value.

We back founders that are building market-defining businesses and have unmatched drive for achieving their vision. We know that people are the most meaningful competitive advantage, and we partner with our founders to build on that advantage.

Our value

As an operator-led fund, we bring our collective experience to each of our founder partnerships. We work alongside you to bring your product to market, recruit your most important hires, make valuable connections, and scale your business. Other ways that we help our founders:

  • Broad industry experience: We have dozens of companies and industries represented among our team
  • Strategic introductions: We have over 20,000 connections and will help you get your foot in the door
  • Product testing grounds: We have product management experience and a great network of beta testers
  • Advising on scaling: We provide practical advice on go-to-market strategy and execution

We have been in your shoes. Now capitalize on our experience and network to accelerate your vision.